Once You Start Playing Gigs….

by Barrie on 27/01/2010

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When you feel you are ready to show the world ‘what you can do’ & start playing gigs, make sure you take a small piece of carpet with you, to set your drum kit on.

 If you are playing on a wooden/laminate floor, a rug or carpet will stop the bass drum & hi-hat from sliding away from you.

When playing a new venue, you never know whether or not the stage will be carpeted.

If you always set up your kit in the same way, a good tip would be to mark the carpet with permanent marker or gaffer tape where the base of the stands touch the floor. This will save a lot of  setting up time  & hassle at gigs.

Drum Mat

Drum Mat

You can buy purpose made mats specifically for the job. I have one made buy a company called Protection Racket.

They also make drum cases which will protect your drums when in transit. Cases are something else you will need when starting to gig.  

Protection Racket Drum Cases

Protection Racket Drum Cases

If you would like any more information/advice on the above subject or would like to know more about my drum lessons, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.    barrie@drumlessonsmanchester.co.uk

Happy Drumming!


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