If you want a ‘better’ sounding Bass Drum…

by Barrie on 15/02/2010

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If you want a ‘better’ sounding bass drum try the following ideas.

The first thing you should do is place a pillow or something similar in your bass drum. This will stop the drum from booming & give the drum more of a thud, which is the sound you should be looking for.

The second thing you should do, is cut a hole in the front skin (resonant head) of your bass drum. This serves two purposes. (You can purchase heads with a pre cut hole)

The first will allow a microphone to be placed inside the drum- for recording, or for live performances when amplification is needed.

The second purpose of having a hole is to let the air escape from inside the drum which in turn should give you a ‘better’ bass drum sound.

Bass Drum with hole cut out

Bass Drum with hole cut out

Also your batter head (the side that gets hit with the beater) should be tuned fairly loose &  a bass drum impact patch should be stuck to the head. Place the patch on the head where the beater ‘hits’.

Using different types of bass drum beaters will also alter the sound of your bass drum. Generally you will find three types of beaters. Wooden, felt & hard plastic. 

Selection of Bass Drum Beaters

Selection of Bass Drum Beaters

Just be aware that to get the bass drum sound you want, may take a little time & experimentation, be patient & good luck!

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Happy Drumming!

Happy Drumming!


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